Friday, 4 August 2017

16 Best AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes To Increase Adsense Earning

Well, AdSense is an excellent way to make money online. However, to earn money from AdSense, you need to optimize things like ad placement, ad color & lots of other things.
You can always use any of these AdSense WordPress plugins, but there are many dedicated premium WordPress themes which help in increasing AdSense revenue.
These themes are created specifically to get a higher CTR on your ads and make sure your content is generating the highest paying ads.
I have created a collection of the best AdSense WordPress themes which you can use right now.
These themes come with strategic ad locations and lots of other subtle optimizations to make your website more suitable for displaying ads.
I will introduce you to the 11 best WordPress themes which are professionally optimized for AdSense. Go through the list one by one and find out which theme is the perfect fit for you.

Best Premium WordPress Adsense Themes For Higher Earning:

Adsense WP Theme
This is one of the newest & best AdSense WordPress themes to earn more from your ads. This theme comes with many advanced features which are very unique.
One of these features is an anti-adblocker technique that shows a pop-up to any visitor who has an ad-blocker add-on installed. It then asks the user to disable their ad-blocker for your blog.
The ad-blocker feature can be configured in many ways including the option to hide a single post’s content or simply showing a warning using a flyout.
In the below video, you can see some of the best features of this dedicated AdSense WordPress theme:

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This one theme comes with 8 beautiful, pre-defined layouts that you can use for a specific kind of niche blog.
  1. Tech blog
  2. Fashion blog
  3. Food blog
  4. Sports blog
  5. Baby blog
  6. Fitness blog
  7. News blog
  8. Online shopping blog
If you are looking for a theme that will help you generate more revenue from AdSense, this is the best WordPress theme for AdSense bloggers.
With over 241 sales on ThemeForest & an average rating of 5/5 Admania is one of the finest AdSense ready WordPress themes. This theme is appropriate for bloggers who are monetizing their blog with AdSense or any other contextual ad. One of the challenges that I have faced when adding AdSense to a WordPress blog is the option to add ads on the homepage.
Admania let you use the live editor to place the ad on the homepage. For example, if you wish to add ads between two posts on the homepage or on the sidebar, you can do that within seconds. This theme offers three different layouts to customize your homepage. Especially if you are creating multiple blogs, this one theme will give a unique identity to each of them.
What really interesting here is; you can add ad codes without any plugin. The theme ad panel is advanced & user-friendly. Apart from being AdSense friendly, Admania also have schema markup which is important SEO signals & is one of the fastest loading WordPress theme in the lot. The theme cost only $44 & developer support is already praised by existing buyers.
With a strong focus on monetization, inTruemag is an excellent WordPress theme with a complete AdSense optimization. The different advertisement areas are located in various strategic hotspots which blend perfectly with the overall website design.
Besides the sidebar on the front page, there are several ad locations in the blog posts too.
The built-in AdSense ad units are completely responsive. That means your ads will be visible on all device types. As this retina ready theme comes with WooCommerceintegration, you can easily intneegrate an online shop on your website too. You can also choose a custom layout, color skins, font icons, and unlimited sidebars from the theme’s options section.
Truemag is priced at $59.
IsleMag WP Theme
IsleMag is a popular free WordPress theme which makes it easier for a blogger to monetize with AdSense.
This theme has been downloaded over 3000+ times & is a popular AdSense friendly magazine WordPress theme.
With a responsive design, you will be able to make the most out of your mobile & tablet traffic. However, I recommend you to use responsive AdSense ad units to maximize your AdSense earnings.
If you wish to highlight a specific post on your homepage, take advantage of the inbuilt Carousel Slider.
The thing I like the most about this theme is how frequently it gets updated to ensure compatibility with the latest version of WordPress.
If you are looking for a free magazine style AdSense WordPress theme, IsleMag is an ideal choice.
Grimag WP Theme
Grimag is an excellent WordPress magazine theme for editors and publishers.
The theme developers have optimized Grimag for maximum monetization output. The available advertisement locations are strategically positioned to match the overall design. By using this theme, you can display attractive ads and earn a lot of profits from your content.
An interesting feature of Grimag is its fixed sidebar. You can easily display site-wide advertisements by using the sidebar. The completely responsive layout of this theme makes sure that your website looks great on any screen size.
The retina-ready WordPress theme can be translated into other supported languages too.
The Grimag theme is priced at $59.
TruePixel WP Theme
Featuring multiple ad locations on the front page, single posts, and pages, TruePixel is another attractive WordPress theme.
Being fully optimized for AdSense, this theme helps you to get a better CTR and CPCfrom your visitors. The glossy design of TruePixel makes it an excellent choice for creating news, magazine, and entertainment websites.
The fully responsive theme is provided with a large “featured” section which could be used to showcase popular or recent posts. This speed-optimized theme will also load pages quickly, helping you to get better search engine ranking and deliver an improved user experience.
You can get the TruePixel theme for $59.
The fully responsive NewsOnline theme is provided with a unique mix of style and elegance.
The eye-catching design of this theme lets you attract the attention of your visitors instantly. If you want to display a lot of content on your website and want to make some money from it, this could be an excellent choice for you.
NewsOnline includes cleverly positioned ad spaces which do not distract visitors while making sure that you are getting maximum conversions. This SEO-optimized theme also comes with parallax effects, an off-canvas mobile menu, social media buttons, and lots of shortcodes.
You can get the NewsOnline theme for $59.
8. GoMedia
If you are looking for a news, magazine, or blog theme with special ad locations, GoMedia could be the perfect choice for you.
By default, the home page contains four ad locations. It is possible to disable any of them and/or add new ad locations in other places of your website.
The advanced control panel of this theme lets you control various settings of your website all from one place. The theme package comes with several custom widgets including Twitter and Flickr. You will also be able to choose from the custom page templates for full width, archive, and other pages.
The GoMedia theme costs $39.
9. Nominal
If you want a simple WordPress theme for your next blog site which will also show some advertisements, you should definitely consider Nominal as one of your top choices.
The default layout of this theme includes an HTML or image banner right below the menu and on top of the right sidebar. If your blog has sponsors, you can easily show them in the sidebar.
Besides the default ads, you can use the custom widgets to place ads in various locations without having to edit the theme code. This SEO-friendly theme is also optimized for loading your pages in the quickest time possible.
You can get the Nominal theme for $59.
With a large advertisement location on top of the site and another two ad locations in the home page, DizzyMag is an excellent AdSense-ready magazine, news, or blog theme for WordPress.
The responsive ad units and strategic hot spots will help you to maximize your monetization efforts.
DizzyMag also comes with a full-featured review and rating system. By using this feature, you can easily publish an in-depth review of your favorite products and/or services. As the theme also supports WooCommerce, you can also include an online shop on your website.
The feature-rich DizzyMag theme is priced at $59.